Car Smarts - Make a $100k a Year! The Auto Industry Has Jobs For You!

As auto repair goes high tech, top technicians can earn over $100K

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

The terms “mechanic” and “wrench,”are long gone its now “auto repair technician” and “certified technician”. The change in title reflects the fundamental transformation underway in the entire automotive industry.

The complexity of today’s vehicles, electric cars and hybrid technologies have created a huge demand for skilled and experienced experts and you don’t need a 4-year degree.

If you are seeking a job, or know someone who is, these 3 minutes will be worth your time. As auto repair goes high tech, top technicians can earn over $100K a year.

For at least the last decade — dealers and repair shops have been in great need of skilled technicians.

The average car in 2010 had about 10 million lines of code, it’s now increased tenfold and beyond. By 2030 would have about 300 million lines of code, and recommended manufacturers beef up the software and electronics training of service technicians.

How do you get training or know this is a good field for you? Many places offer in-person and web-based training. A technician requires a general mechanical ability, good at diagnosing issues, computer skills, problem-solving and people skills.

What are the average salaries and where can you get a job? Entry level salaries average $31,300; Master-ASE technicians averaging $77,400. Further up the ladder, a parts manager’s salary averages $98,600, a service manager $120,400, and a fixed operations director — who oversees service, parts and body shop — $191,000.

Sales, marketing and management jobs need to be filled at all levels. Ive been worked in all aspects of the auto industry my entire life and would highly recommend a job in automotive.

Here’s the bottom line?

There is smarter and simpler way to find an automotive job, whether you have one now or looking for a change.

Check out USA Motor Jobs, all you need is your phone, tablet or computer. Its easy to add your history and answer a few questions. There are many jobs available immediately all across the USA. There is more information on their website, also in English, Spanish and French.

To advance your education in automotive there are scholarships through many groups including, the Piston Foundation and the many technical schools.

If you have additional questions, put them in the comments below and I'll be happy to answer.

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