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How to Chose The Best Car Shipping Company? By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

You are moving, or you bought that dream car or you need to ship a car for whatever reason, driving may not be an option.

Choosing the best auto transporter can be tricky. Car shipping has changed over the last few years, whether shipping by enclosed or on an open trailer avoid a possible nightmare. I’ll show you how to choose the correct auto shipper to just about anywhere and a top company that you can trust. If you go online and search for car shippers in your area, you will find 100s that pop up on your browser. You can call them or book it online but this is where the scams, delays and overcharges can happen if you choose a random shipper with a slick website or not doing your homework. The best way to avoid car shipping scams is to make sure you don’t pay up front. Many companies will ask for payment or a deposit, before they have even located a carrier. You should NOT pay the carrier in advance, they will have your car and your money. You should always pay on delivery as they have your car. Transport costs varies based on mileage of transport, vehicle weight, type and location. Season and current demand in the market can impact pricing. Oversized and inoperable vehicles cost extra. No personal belongings are allowed in the vehicle. Carriers pick their jobs based on how much they they get paid for the pickup. If the rate is low, it will be hard to find a carrier. It's important to check with your insurance company on coverage to make sure you are covered for the transport. The carrier vehicle must have $50,000-$100,000 of liability transport insurance. The way to ensure you don’t fall victim to a scam is by making sure the company provides you with the carriers information including a copy of the carriers insurance, DOT Number and their contact information. This will allow you to track the vehicle. It’s not always about the cost. Some of the lower cost carriers will move your vehicle to multiple carriers to get to your destination. We’ve seen this before, and things can happen or a delay for the the next carrier to pick it up. Chose the wrong company, some of the bigger nightmares include: the vehicle shows up weeks beyond the promise date, damage, carriers without insurance and drivers that don’t respect your vehicle. Shipping a car is not like shipping a package, once the vehicle leaves it will not arrive overnight. Deliveries in the US have roughly a two to four-week window from when the car is picked up to its destination. Always inspect the vehicle for damage before its loaded. This will occur again at the delivery location. Here’s the bottom line? The are message boards and shipping companies, both are options, but there is a difference. I personally use Dynamic Auto Movers, there is a link in the description. Dynamic Auto Movers <> uses top carriers with the highest ratings. They offer discounts for military, senior, and student discounts that apply. Always check out reviews before you decide at you can find out if carriers damage cars, won’t fix them or fail to pick up or drop off on time. And that is a nightmare!

So now you know how to ship a vehicle the right way.

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